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Moo-Young Patron Event

The perfect gift for anyone on your list - support sustainable, hand-made fashion and get your hands on our one-of-kind sneakers, before the general public!

Beginning 9am PST on Tuesday, 12/18 we're offering a select group of friends and family the opportunity to become a Moo-Young Patron and claim your place in the community that will continue to shape and support sustainable fashion and preserve generational talents of skilled artisans!

But that’s not all - as a Patron, you’ll enjoy benefits such as a nearly 70% discount on the first ever production run of our hand-made leather sneakers and an opportunity to partner with our designers on your one-of-a-kind shoes. All Patrons will be invited to work with our designers to choose a dyed leather that uniquely speaks to you, either in-person at our Moo-Young Concept Store, or online with the help of our design team. Each pair is then hand-crafted by a team of 3-5 artisans, meaning you get a pair of sneakers that's as unique as you are, while supporting the advancement of American craftsmen and women.

But as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm - those who buy first get the deepest discounts. And of course, gift options are available, as nothing makes a better impression than one-of-a-kind kicks that push the boundaries of art and fashion while supporting talented American artisans.


First In - $225

The first 5 Patrons who join, beginning 9am PST on 12/18, enjoy a nearly 70% discount off of retail pricing.

Fast Follows - $250

The next 10 purchases get one-of-a-kind sneakers for more than 65% off of retail pricing

Trendsetters - $350

The next 30 Patrons to join receive a discount of nearly 55% off retail pricing.


Can’t Get Enough (2 Pairs) - $600

Looking for the perfect Holiday gift? Grab 2 Patron memberships now for almost 60% off of retail pricing.

In the Know - $400

The final 100 Patrons to join during our event will enjoy more than 40% off discount.


Each purchase will receive an exclusive code at purchase. Then, when production begins in March, token bearers can redeem their tokens digitally or at the Moo-Young Concept Shop to choose their the bespoke leather that speaks to them. If you’re not ready to commit in March - no problem! You can hold onto your code and redeem during future production runs in 2019, allowing you to choose a pair that's as unique as you are.

Free shipping with all USA & Canada purchases. Any questions? Hit up for answers.

***The Fine Print***

  • All pricing calculations are based off of a MSRP of $740.

  • First production run will consist of unisex shoes, ranging from European sizes 35.5 to 47.5.

  • International shipping beyond US & CA currently not supported; please email if interested in shipping to other locations and we can discuss.

  • Sweepstakes is run at the sole discretion of Moo-Young staff and open to US & CA residents 21 & above. Only one entry per person will be considered per platform, with entry being determined as one comment containing a “tag of a friend” on specified Facebook or Instagram post.

  • Customization options are at the sole discretion of Moo-Young staff and could include things like choosing your own leather, grommets and laces, as examples.